Justice of the Peace, State of Connecticut, appointed            2017-2021


*No off-the-shelf training programs. We customize for each client with plenty of interactive participation and feedback.

Presentation Skills: To help professionals organize materials, become dynamic and alleviate stage fright. Great tips for managing audiences! (Two days) 

Professional Credibility In the Workplace: Gives employees a chance to assess their professional image and develop a winning personal brand. Provides confidence, and, acceptance from peers. (One day)

Presentation Skills for Technology & Medical Professionals:  Emphasis on communicating more effectively to all audiences about your research, product. Offers clearer understanding of technical information. (Two day)


  • Advancing your business with targeted media strategies and developed relationships
  • Writing effective, concise press releases, materials and public service announcements
  • Promoting your business through special events and trade shows
  • Enhancing your brand on social media

          ​          ​We're part of the same team!